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Things have changed... ways of working are needed

ALECA offers a series of industry courses to bring AGILE project delivery methods to the energy industry. Allowing them to quickly evaluate an opportunity at any stage in the asset life.  

True Collaboration leads to innovation and finding optimal ways to reduce the environmental impact of our industry.

What is AGILE?

...adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, and continual improvement, and it encourages flexible responses to change...iterative & incremental.


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Training adults, respecting a participants time and experience level is our specialty.


Our courses are focused, relevant, practical and engaging, to transform the industry.

Trained to train adults...

 , more engaging ways to teach 




The science of helping adults learn



Through the use of case studies and the ALECA system, participants are encouraged to collaborate, quantify uncertainty and communicate between disciplines. Learn how you can deliver cost-effective, innovative projects faster, with a lower carbon footprint using ALECA!

ALECA instructors are a mix of experienced industry professionals and young professionals, who are HRDF certified instructors, trained in the ADDIE Model and Adult Training Approaches.

ADDIE Model Adult Learning HRDF
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The cloud-based system connecting all disciplines to weigh sustainability equally!

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